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MS74 Theory of Action

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Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School 74

TEAM 74 Theory of Action 

If we view curriculum as a mirror for the self and a window into the lives of others, teachers can construct rigorous performance tasks that reflect student diversity. Student experience and outcomes will improve as a result of engagement with these tasks.   

Through multiple approaches to our instructional focus of feedback representing the ultimate manifestation of student engagement, teachers provide differentiated, targeted, and responsive strategies aligned with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards (NGLS) across all foundational subjects. Faithful execution of this work will allow students to soar, from good to great, and BEYOND.  


As Stewards of Oakland Gardens, TEAM74 has a commitment to our community, beyond the walls of our school.  We are committed to providing a developmentally responsive, supportive learning environment in which students achieve at their highest levels.  We will nourish our students’ emotional lives and guide their social-emotional development, instilling in them an appreciation of self-worth, of individual difference, and the power of collaboration that builds respect for self and others to ALWAYS soar from good to Great and BEYOND… 

 8 keys of excellence 


It is the mission of Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School, in collaboration with students, parents and the community, to develop responsible, educated and productive global citizens who can thrive in an ever-changing world.  Through the Hawthorne Experience we will continue social and emotional learning, using a growth mindset, to align our collective efforts with the implementation of the 8 keys of excellence along with facilitating our planning and preparation for 21st Century Teaching and Learning to provide a pathway that empowers our students to soar BEYOND.