Student Organization

Middle School 74 Student Organization

Mr. Nuccio and Mr. Pustorino
Faculty Advisors

Democracy at Work – Our Members and Representatives

Since a school’s most important stakeholders are its students, it is important that students feel invested in their school’s culture. With this goal in mind, M.S. 74 is host to a vibrant and active Student Organization. With over 800 members, an executive board, and two officers representing each homeroom, the S.O. goes a long way in promoting engagement among our students. It is a true exercise in representative democracy. Officers meet on a weekly basis, where ideas as well as news of upcoming events are meaningfully shared. It is the officers’ responsibility to relay that information to their homeroom classes, and in turn, get feedback from their own constituents. Students are always encouraged to bring new ideas to the table, and the S.O. is the avenue through which this is accomplished.

In-School Events

The S.O. organizes, promotes, and carries out a wide array of activities that are “fun with a purpose.” Dances and monthly spirit days inject into our culture a sense of excitement that is unique to our school. It is not uncommon to see entire classes color-coordinate on “Twin Day,” one of our most popular spirit days. In the past year, M.S. 74 was host to a number of spirit days, including, but not limited to Music Appreciation Day, Jersey Day, Crazy Hat Day, and Pajama Day. Our yearly Fall Dance is always fun for all!

The Student Organization strongly believes in giving back to the community. For many years, the S.O. has hosted an end-of-year Walk-a-thon to raise money for various worthy causes. Last year, we raised in excess of $10,000 for the American Cancer Society through our annual Walk-a-thon and "G.S. Challenge," in which the school's G.S. codes battled for the highly coveted G.S. Cup.


SO Cabinet




President 821

Nara K

Vice President 724

Sophia K

8th Secretary 801

Gabriella K

8th Secretary 822

Ashley Z

7th Secretary 722

Irene L

7th Secretary 702

Maggie W

6th Secretary 624

Mia M

6th Secretary 623

James M